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Articles, book chapters, reports

Report of an impact study of Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust Library and Information Service . NHS Library Services: (2011)

Digital libraries (2007). Emerald for librarians: library management viewpoint

Information: finding the evidence (2007). RCM Midwives Journal 10(9) 434-435
Meet the editor of ... Clinical Governance: an International Journal [interview with Jeff Lucas and John Wright] (2007). Emerald editor interviews, June

An informative day (2006). RCM Midwives Journal 9(10) 386

Meet the editor ofÖThe Electronic Library [interview with David Raitt] (2006). Emerald Literati Network News, May. 

The new National Library for Health (2005). ASSIGnation 22(2) 35-41

New look for library services (2004). RCM Midwives Journal 7(11) 486-487

RCM Midwives Journal:
electronic access (2004). RCM Midwives Journal 7(11) 479

Guide to current awareness services (2004). RCM Midwives Journal 7(9) 399

NeLH's resources continue to grow (2003). RCM Midwives Journal 6(11)

Trends in integrated library systems (2003). VINE 32(4) (issue 129) 19-45

Usability evaluation of an NHS library web site (2003) Health Information and Libraries Journal 20(3) 134-142   
N.B. The literature review which was originally part of the article, but was excised for reasons of space and balance, is now available on this site:
Literature review
Download draft version

Use of the Internet in psychiatry and clinical psychology. In Telepsychiatry and e-mental health, edited by Richard Wootton, Peter Yellowlees and Paul McLaren. London: RSM Press, 2003; pp. 217-229

Internet resources: psychiatry and clinical psychology (2003). Edited by Kristine M Alpi. MLA News issue 355 (April) 10

Library developments (2003). RCM News and Appointments Mid-May 5

Health informatics on the Web (2002). Free Pint 126. Available via

IM&T strategy in the NHS: Information for Health in context. Formerly at IM&T strategy in the NHS: Information for Health in context. Formerly at (October 2002). (A NeLH Management Specialist Library management briefing, now obsolete)  
Health libraries under financial constraint (2000). ASSIGnation 18(1) 14-19

User survey conducted at the Medical Library of the University of Limburg at Maastricht (1993). 

Meeting reports, book and article reviews

Article reviews in eLucidate (UKeIG) 2004 -

Review of Curtis, Donnelyn (with contributions by Virginia M Scheschy)(2005)
E-journals: a how-to-do-it manual for building, managing and supporting electronic journal collections. (London: Facet) eLucidate 2(5) 33-34

Review of Grohol, J. (2004) The insider's guide to mental health resources online (New York: Guilford). Health Information and Libraries Journal 21(3) 206-207

Review of Tenopir, C and King, D W. (2000) Towards electronic journals: realities for scientists, librarians and publishers (Washington: SLA). Psycholoquy 11(091).

Review of SCOOP seminar: Key Elements of British Official Publishing, 14th April 1999. In In-Set: the Newsletter of the South Thames Library and Information Service (1999) 40

Reviews of Reed, Kathryn L and Cunningham, S. (1997) Internet guide for rehabilitation professionals (Philadelphia: Lippincott) and Smith, P and Edwards, M (1997) The Internet for physicians (New York: Springer). SIM Quarterly, issue 2.


Literature searching for research. Presentation given at a trust study day for Band 6 and 7 staff in older people's services, 17th November 2011 (PowerPoint file)

Embedding the Team Knowledge Officer role within clinical teams via a pilot clinical librarian service.
Presentation given at the Durham CAMHS CPD meeting, West Park Hospital, 29th June 2011 (PowerPoint file)

Use of the SHALL online toolkit for impact assessment: TEWV LISís impact study
Presentation given at the Health Libraries North meeting, Education Centre, Lanchester Road Hospital, 12th May 2011 (PowerPoint file)

Working with an agent
Presentation given at the CHILL e-journals seminar, Wellcome Foundation, 10th November 2006 (PowerPoint file)

Nicola Hilliard with Catherine Ebenezer
Roles 'beyond the library' in independent health libraries 
Presentation given at Health Libraries Group conference, Eastbourne, 10th July 2006 (Word document)

Key developments in electronic delivery in LIS 2005-2008
Presentation given at the RCN Library, 16th February 2005 (PowerPoint file)

Knowledge management in mental health services: the role of NHS libraries. Presentation made to Clinical Information Systems Programme Board, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, September 13th 2002 (PowerPoint file)


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